What We Do


What we do

PCP aims to become the “place to go” for people to find and follow and fund companies of interest. PCP platform companies will be required to adopt ASX style reporting regimes, regular releases and effective shareholder engagement strategies within a clearly articulated and deliverable strategic plan.

Whether it be a capital raising, succession plan (owner sell down or MBO), an IPO on ASX, a CSF pathway or simply seeking growth capital for a private or public company, (i.e. a corporate event) PCP’s platform is designed to make such events easier with lower risk as a result of an active build-up of Followers in advance of the company’s corporate event. The size of company and amount of equity funding can vary from small to large and our related companies’ expertise in registry management and share facilitation services is designed to make it easier for PCP platform companies to prepare for a corporate event, help achieve their goal and manage the likely expanded members register without distraction or tying up valuable in-house resources.

PCP envisages most of the companies on its platform will be established, profitable companies embarking on their “next step” corporate journey such as an ASX listing, succession plan / ownership transition or simply remain on the platform long term given the depth of support and market engagement services that can be deployed.

How It Works

How it works Find icon


Find a company of interest to you – may be early stage, established, profitable, ASX IPO aspirant, CSF candidate etc. Companies come onto the platform well in advance of their planned corporate event.
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Follow a company as it adopts ASX style reporting requirements and build a rapport with that company/ies. Get to know the company better and its track record over time ensuring your investment objectives are aligned with the companies you are following.
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Fund into a PCP platform company/ies after having built up a better understanding of the company. Then, following your investment, PCP and related companies assist with shareholder management and share facilitation tools designed to service shareholder requirements.

Anymore questions?

What is PCP?

PCP is a digital platform that profiles companies to the capital markets designed to attract Followers in the lead up to the company's corporate event. PCP is designed to be a whole of company journey support platform. Companies benefit from a range of services directed at managing an expanded share register, share facilitation, market profiling and engagement. PCP platform companies will need to incorporate most of the features one would expect from a public listed company. At the same time, PCP's platform seeks to attract and build a following of people and institutions (prospective investors) interested in a company or companies on the platform. "Followers" can collectively be a powerful force in supporting platform companies as they advance their "corporate event" and beyond

What is PCP's purpose?

To help unlisted companies to gain a greater profile, attract a following of potential investors and see companies on the platform long term. Many investors have an appetite to increase their portfolio allocation in the direct private equity area (for example currently only 1% of SMSF asset allocation is to the unlisted equities space – a lot less than the USA). At the same time where do you go to find good companies embracing ASX style reporting regimes looking to expand their shareholder base? PCP is designed to be the place for Followers and companies to meet and develop a rapport before the company proceeds to a capital raise or succession plan.

Aren't there other platforms doing this?

Most other platforms focus on the capital raising event - PCP on the other hand is designed to be a whole of company life platform. We believe companies will come on to the PCP platform possibly 12 to 24 months out from their "corporate event." In the lead up to the corporate event, PCP helps chaperone the company through the various investor ready stages and beyond. PCP’s related companies - Advanced Share Registry Limited (ASX: ASW) and Sharetech Pty Ltd combine to closely assist the platform company pre and post its corporate event/s for long term shareholder management. Please refer to:



 Three companies – one vision. We aim to change the market dynamics for unlisted companies in this country.

What type of companies can be on the PCP?

The PCP platform is designed to facilitate outcomes and support companies across a wide range of maturities, industry sectors and risk profiles including:

  1.  Capital Raising
    Companies that may be contemplating a corporate event within the next six to twenty-four months including a capital raising for business expansion, an acquisition, founder buy out, ASX IPO, CSF Offer or debt / equity optimisation purposes.
  2. Management of expanding shareholder or unitholder registers where they need a professionally managed platform to help with the shareholder engagement, handle any share facilitation requirements, transfers etc. The PCP platform is ideally placed as a precursor to an ASX listing and a "next step" platform for Crowd Sourced Funding (CSF) companies post their capital raising. PCP helps to avoid taking key staff members away from their executive tasks;
  3. ASX listing in the near future
    Companies contemplating an ASX listing need to get used to an ASX style reporting regime. PCP helps such companies to be better able to transition to ASX. Also, PCP Registered Followers can be an ideal way of building spread ahead of the ASX listing in a cost-effective manner with ideally loyal shareholders and less sell side pressure on the IPO
  4. SME' s where the capital sought is smaller often making it impossible or cost prohibitive to tap the mainstream capital markets - PCP can be an "SME liberator" where SME' s can proceed, via the platform, with a structured equity round for a small equity injection. PCP, in tandem with its lawyers and AFSL adviser, are considering special purpose Funds whereby investors can fund into an SME (or multiple SME's) via an SME Fund which in turn invests into what could be one or a number of SME's with a blend of maturities and industry sectors aimed at providing an attractive dividend yield and strong capital growth to investors. This innovative approach could revolutionise the way SME's access private equity capital in this country.
  5. Succession planning - baby boomer founders are looking to divest their ownership – preferably to the management team. Valuations are very realistic and these companies are often well established and very profitable capable of paying strong dividend yields to shareholders and generating capital growth from the dynamic management team keen to make their mark. Attracting investors to back a Management Buy Out has been traditionally difficult but the PCP platform can now seek to attract such following to back the management team and exit the founders.
How many companies is PCP aiming to have on its platform?

We believe we could handle 200 companies on the platform

Why become a Follower?

Finally, a place to go to find interesting, well prepared companies tracking to a corporate event. The PCP platform is not focused on the capital raising event per se as much as ensuring the company is better prepared for their corporate event. PCP’s platform then continues to support the companies post their corporate event with an expanded shareholder register. PCP's Followers (i.e. prospective investors) gain comfort by being able to follow a company of interest for some time prior to its corporate event. By building a rapport with the company, PCP believes the Followers are more likely to support the company's capital raising and make the process easier and more cost-effective for the company and shareholders. Indeed, the Followers may receive a priority entitlement to that company's Offer enabling the company to attract and build a loyal and informed group of investors/ shareholders over the long term. Followers should be able to assemble a diversified portfolio of direct private equity investments of varying risk ratings, maturities, dividend payout and industry sectors.

What if I want to sell my shares in a PCP Platform company?

PCP's sister company – Sharetech Pty Ltd – provides share facilitation services for all PCP platform companies in tandem with an ASX listed share registry - Advanced Share Registry Limited (ASX:ASW).
Please refer to:

Three companies – one vision

Is PCP a start-up board?

No -we envisage most of the companies on the PCP platform will be established profitable companies looking to either raise expansion capital, IPO on ASX or founders sell down to management (or a complete sell out to an acquirer).

Should ASX IPO aspirant companies get on PCP?

Yes - PCP is designed to be a stepping stone platform to ASX.

Is PCP a stock market?

No - PCP is simply a profiling platform - PCP does not show share prices or make any recommendations about a platform company's securities, value or pricing.