Who are the Directors and Shareholders (or trustee / unit holders) of the company / unit trust?

Please complete the following information:

Company Details (If Unit Trust provide name / date established & ABN)
How many offices / outlets does the business have
Supply Number of locations as follows:
What is the Company (or Unit Trust) Looking to achieve by being listed on PCP?

The PCP is designed to help companies or Unit Trusts prepare for a corporate event in the next 18 months (such as a sell down fo a founders share position, capital raising, MBO, CSF, M&A etc), OR for entities who may have an increasing members register and need a platform and support to manage the member engagement, third party transfer agent, investor relations etc OR the company may be looking to an ASX listing in the next year or two and want to get used to and better prepared for the enhanced reporting and announcements type regime.

PCP helps companies to get ASX-ready and through the Registered Followers help with spread - please outline below your aims in this regard and if it is for capital raising please note approximately how much the entity is looking to raise and in what timeframe.

Non-Director shareholders/unit holders
Add another shareholder
How long has the business been established?

Please add here any notes re any past ownership changes in the business

Please also provide a corporate chart with any subsidiaries / trust etc in the group
Is there a trust involved in the business group?
If yes, is the trust a:
What is the total number of employess?(including working owners, directors, shareholders)
In brief generally describe what products and / or services you offer:
In the relevant market place, what position does the business holds? Are you a Leader?

It would be very useful if we could attach your last year's financial statements plus YTD actual vs budget for the current financial year along with details of any bank debt, lonas etc (term, repayment date, interest rate, security, personal guarantees etc) that need tidying up, formalising etc. Also if any IP in the business is it patented or not and who is the patent attorney.

Answer the following questions as best as possible, tick as many boxes as you like


Does the business possess any of the following characteristics:


Using the following, identify any weaknesses of the business and tick both particulars and help box to gain assistance:


What opportunities does the business have at this time and in the future?Outline what they are, and include such areas as weak opposition, potential for mergers, takeovers, etc.


What identifiable threats confront the business at this time and in the foreseeable future?In point form or short sentences, identify any threats to the business and how they can be corrected or eliminated.