Intergenerational Report (IGR)July 1, 2021

The IGR projects over the next 40 years or so we will have a population of 40 million people, only 2.7 workers for every person over 65, health demanding a quarter of the federal budget and 8 million people on the age pension despite 70 years of superannuation. There is a similarity between the projections for 2060 for Australia described in the attached Intergenerational Report (IGR) and the net-zero climate change debate for 2050. In both cases, we can ignore the threats because they are too far in the future to worry about now, or we can start to make policy adjustments to manage the transition. We may not be 100% sure about the accuracy of the projections but there is enough science behind the numbers to force decisions soon. Read it here >>>> Intergenerational Report June 2021

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