Profile your company

PCP provides unlisted companies (including proprietary limited, unlisted public companies and operating unit trusts) with a professionally managed and coordinated profiling platform that is easily accessible by the public and the capital markets

Why should a company be on the PCP platform?

PCP group companies help you take care of the expanding share register

Get Prepared

PCP’s platform is designed to assist companies get better prepared for their “corporate event” such as a capital raising, ASX listing, succession plan strategy (founder-sell down / MBO), CSF Offer, debt / equity optimisation, M&A, sale or other reason likely to see an expanded number of shareholders or major change to the company’s shareholding. PCP chaperones companies prior to and post their corporate event with companies likely to remain on the platform long term. With an increasing shareholder register, share facilitation requirement and ongoing reporting and profiling expectations, PCP’s platform aims to provide all the tools and services for companies to assemble and manage a larger audience of investors.

Helping your company with announcements, research, financial reporting templates, etc.

Be Attractive

Being on the PCP platform as the company prepares for its corporate event, enables individuals and institutions interested in the company and its strategic plan, to register as a Follower and potential investor.  Such build-up of like-minded prospective investors can be vital in the lead up to a capital raising or IPO and helps to de-risk the company’s aspirations in the capital market area. In many ways the degree of interest in the PCP platform company and Follower build up will be a function of how well the company presents itself to the market and embraces the ASX style reporting regime the platform is premised on.

A platform to build a company following

Be Helped

PCP and its related companies are well qualified to chaperone your company along the pathway to a successful corporate outcome and beyond. Many eligible companies have not been through a corporate transaction and smaller companies often cannot afford the full professional service overlay. PCP can assist with guidance on matters such as capital structuring, constitution, governance framework, founder transition to management, board composition, shareholder engagement strategies etc.

A structured approach to enhance corporate reporting and elevating the company’s profile and reputation in the market

Be Successful

PCP’s mission is to profile quality companies adopting ASX style reporting and rigour to tap the mainstream equity markets including SMSF involvement. Our vision is to see small / mid cap companies  – the engine room of this economy – able to achieve better  debt / equity optimisation outcomes. We believe, whether it is a capital raising, succession plan, CSF or a pre-ASX pathway, PCP can help boost your company’s profile for a good corporate outcome. PCP’s vision is to see companies grow on its platform over the long term. Many companies may prefer to remain on the PCP platform given they can access most of the services normally associated with the larger listed platforms. The PCP platform provides a safer harbour than the volatile winds currently sweeping through the listed equity markets.

Less risk = more certainty.

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Are There Shares?

Our vision is that your company will be able to complete its capital raising from PCP’s registered followers making the process much cheaper, more streamlined and building a quality and loyal shareholder base should you proceed to ASX or other exchanges. Spread should not become an issue as you approach as ASX listing.

What type of companies should be on the PCP platform?

Companies or unit trusts looking for equity capital for growth, acquisition, debt / equity optimisation, succession plan, CSF pathway or outright sale
  • Equity funding from $250K to $25M
  • Not immediate need i.e. 6 to 12 months away
  • Value of your business $5m to $150m
  • Profitable Pty Ltd or public unlisted or operating unit trust or able to transition to such structure
  • Fast growth company may not yet be profitable but there is a clear deliverable plan for such goal
Founders sell down - part or total?
  • Many SME founders (often in their 50’s or 60’s) are seeking a structured divestment (partial or total) of their ownership
  • The management team is often the logical buyout group but can struggle to fund the buyout – banks often cannot cover this funding gap particularly as the founder/s wish to remove non-business personal property security as part of the succession plan
  • PCP’s platform is ideal to prepare the business for the succession plan and access Followers willing to back the buyout team (i.e. the management)
Business Sale
  • Many businesses are not “sale ready”
  • PCP’s chaperoning approach helps to get the business better prepared for sale, due diligence framework in place with greater integrity around the “bottom line,” asset/ liability verification and valuation proposition
  • Being profiled on the PCP platform may attract a larger purchaser audience who may not have otherwise known about the opportunity – the aim is to obtain a better value for the business by the added rigour, due diligence files and profile enhancement
ASX aspirations
  • If your company is considering an IPO on ASX then the PCP platform is an ideal stepping stone platform and enables the company to gain experience in reporting, deadlines, releases before actual listing
  • The PCP platform is designed to attract Followers and thus build spread with greater longer-term loyalty by shareholders
  • By being profiled on the PCP platform, makes it easier for institutional interest to be cultivated directly pre-IPO
Managing a larger registry often not involving a capital raise
  • The PCP platform makes it easier for members’ registers to be maintained and facilitate share sales or units upon certain events occurring
Crowd Sourced Funding (CSF) entities
  • Emerging companies via the CSF legislation can seek to access a “crowd” of retail and wholesale shareholders
  • Such fast-growing companies may find they have 300+ small shareholders to now engage with and manage post the CSF raise
  • These companies often do not have staff experienced in shareholder management, engagement and share facilitation
  • Also, once such CSF companies leave the Intermediaries’ platform they don’t have a “next step” platform to be profiled on and enable shareholders and others to keep track of their progress and view reports and releases
  • PCP and associated companies solve these problems allowing the CSF graduate company to focus on their business growth strategies

Please click here to download the short form Application Form and email to or phone PCP’s Platform Director – Jeff Broun on 041 993 4623 to discuss the platform in more detail and what we can do for your company.