COVID-19 | Reporting deadlines further extended for listed and unlisted entitiesMay 14, 2020

For entities with 30 June balance dates, in response to the challenges being, or to be, encountered by entities in meeting their financial reporting obligations due to the Coronavirus, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has granted further lodgement relief – and this time, listed entities are included. ASIC has also updated its ‘no action’ position regarding Annual General Meetings (AGM).

What additional lodgement relief has been granted?

As announced by ASIC on 13 May 2020, listed and unlisted entities with balance dates up to and including 7 July 2020 that report under Chapters 2M and 7 of the Corporations Act, will have an additional one month to lodge their financial reports. This is on the premise that the statutory reporting deadline has not yet passed at the time the relevant instrument of relief is registered on the Federal Register of Legislation.

Unlisted entities with balance dates from 31 December 2019 to 7 July 2020 can take advantage of the one-month extension to lodge their financial reports, provided their normal reporting due date has not yet passed. For example, an unlisted entity with a 30 June 2020 year end would normally have to lodge its financial report, director’s report and audit report by 31 October 2020, however the new deadline is now 30 November 2020.

Listed entities with balance dates from 21 February 2020 to 7 July 2020 will have an extra month to lodge full year and half-year financial reports. Important to note is that the ASX lodgement deadline for the Appendix 4E remains unchanged (i.e. 31 August 2020 for 30 June 2020 year ends). This means that if the entity does not have audited accounts by that date, unaudited accounts will need to be lodged with the Appendix 4E.

please read the folloeing re the dates etc >>>>Reporting deadlines further extended for listed and unlisted entities

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