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Introduction from the Managing Director

Zellebrate Holdings Pty Ltd (ZHL or the Company) has innovative and high-tech technology that has the potential to disrupt the bricks and mortar retail market in the developed world. Its significant points of difference and sustainable competitive advantages evolve around these issues:

1. Physical bricks and mortar retailers – the lifeblood of local communities and economies around the world – are not “connected” into their local consumer base digitally in the same way giant online retailers like Amazon are. In today’s world that digital connectivity inefficiency spells disaster ... and that’s certainly what’s been happening around the world for “local” retail.

2. So even though spending on bricks and mortar retailers’ products (either over the counter or online) still represents 80% of ALL retail sales in the developed world – including Amazon’s sales and the other big online marketplaces like eBay, etc. – this local retail spending percentage is falling rapidly and shopping precincts and local communities / economies globally are becoming severely affected.

3. Imagine then an online marketplace / search engine of the same ilk and scale as Amazon but dedicated to bricks and mortar retailers, their products and their store locations instead.

4. All of a sudden local retailers would be united and able to demonstrate a digital connectivity into consumers never seen before. 10s of billions of shopping trips and online searches for locally sold products occur a year. zellebrate’s disruptive time and cost savings would be relevant to all. zellebrate considers itself first to market as it has yet to uncover what it considers to be a like for like competitor in this global bricks and mortar online marketplace arena. Google allows you to search for bricks and mortar stores and their products but it requires you to go in and out of retailers’ websites one by one and is enormously time consuming. That’s part the reason shoppers check in with Amazon’s instant one-stop-shop marketplace first – which is the capability of zellebrate also.

5. And the High Sts, shopping malls/centres and town centres would be ecstatic. Finally, they’ll be able to connect live into their local constituents en masse.

zellebrate has spent six years building the necessary technology and is about to roll out the world’s first online marketplace dedicated to bricks and mortar retailing. And with vaccines imminent zellebrate’s timing has become a perfect opportunity. 

Able to map local retailers, their products and store locations globally to its platform en masse, zellebrate aims to be one of the biggest retail marketplaces in the world by late 2022 with (est.) 50 million products.

The Company is seeking to finalise its current seed offering at the same time as accelerating its commercialisation drive about to begin (April ’21). The timing could not be more profound. COVID has decimated bricks and mortar retail around the globe and now with a vaccine being released local retailers desperately need support. 

Shopping centres/malls and ‘High Streets’ the world over are struggling with the growing number of empty tenancies. Bricks and mortar traders are desperate to improve their digital connectivity into local consumers. zellebrate will do exactly that and more – local daily deals, over-the-counter cashbacks, online purchasing and delivery, click and collect, local rewards programs ... every convenience the big online-only retailers have based their businesses on to gain the edge they currently possess zellebrate will now provide for bricks and mortar retailers too.

“Local” commerce entities should embrace zellebrate. Local communities, employment, councils, shopping malls, non-retail (such as cafes, restaurants and hotels who will also be able to connect into zellebrate) … all would be strengthened by zellebrate’s business model.   
zellebrate can be the ideal solution. Revenues are forecasts to begin April 2021. zellebrate has progressed its commercialisation profile by locking in the necessary expertise and technology required – see “Strategy”. Its precedent-based revenue streams are forecast to begin Q2 ‘21 in the UK, followed by the USA and Australia later on in the year, Canada and then Europe and Asia. The revenue projections are significant, as will hopefully be the impact on local communities and economies the world over as zellebrate expands. 

The Company’s plans for 2021 include:

1. Map the UK, Australia and USA into zellebrate – i.e. broad based coverage of retailers, their products (prices, images, descriptions and so on) and their store locations across each country so same can be delivered instantly to zellebrate’s one-stop-shop app/website for consumer usage

2. Release the zellebrate app and website into those countries

3. Cover as many retailers and their products as possible – we hope we can grow the marketplace to 20m products late 2021

4. Begin the commercialisation of zellebrate (April 21 – UK, July 21 – Australia, October 21 – USA)

5. Build the company’s brand name globally by taking advantage of post-COVID conditions and generating extensive press.

6. Complete another round of funding in Q3 to help with exposure in the USA

Then from 2022 onwards it will be a case of rolling out the zellebrate technology around the world. It is envisaged, if we attract the funding required, zellebrate could cover 27 (developed) countries globally by 2024 with up to 100 million products on its database. We aim to be one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. Of course, all this upside depends on the right level of funding and no barriers to the marketplace cause by competition or technical difficulties. We are a typical fast growth early stage company with the usual risks around funding requirements and technical resources to achieve our objectives. Our investment rating should be seen as high risk. 


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