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Introduction from the CEO

MediKane Holdings Ltd (“MediKane,” “MKH” or the “Company”) sells medical foods into specific health markets. These markets are growing in size and intensity in all key markets. The medical evidence that good health begins with food is overwhelming, and the emergence of specific foods treating specific health conditions is accelerating at an amazing rate. MediKane products are targeted to specific health problems and all claims of effectiveness are supported by both scientific and medical evidence. MediKane has innovative products that have the potential to disrupt the global diabetes and health care markets. The significant points of difference and sustainable competitive advantages include:
  1. There is no drug that completely treats diabetes
  2. NutriKane D both assists control and reduction of blood sugar levels for diabetes and improves immunity
  3. NutriKane D is ideal for people with pre-diabetes (an even larger market than the Type 2 diabetes market) and also gestational diabetes
  4. NutriKane+ is a product proven to reduce post-operative and opioid induced constipation
  5. MediKane products have been shown to outperform direct competitors in Australian and US hospitals
  6. The demand in the USA and Australia for safe and effective preventative treatments is growing

The products have the potential for a global roll out focusing on people who want to buy safe natural, but proven products. These products have substantiated efficacy supported by clinical trials undertaken by universities, hospitals and medical professionals in both Australia and USA. 

Importantly, MediKane products are:
  ⦁ Natural
  ⦁ Minimally processed
  ⦁ Safe – no adverse side effects
  ⦁ Cannot be overdosed
  ⦁ Non-GMO
  ⦁ Non-Addictive
  ⦁ Non-Allergen
  ⦁ Gluten Free
  ⦁ Safe for children, pregnant women and the elderly

MediKane has now built a solid commercial foundation and has passed cash-flow break even. Sales are on track to double for the 2021 financial year. MediKane has the people, the products, the patented IP, the market and the critical medical evidence to grow sales and profits. MediKane needs further funding to accelerate growth and increase revenue in both domestic and international markets.

The company is finalising its current series A offering at the same time as expanding into the USA.

The Company’s plans for 2021 include:
  1. Achieve over $3.5 million in sales if the equity investment is completed by March 2021 (or anticipated revenue of $1.5 million if the equity investment was delayed)
  2. Finalise a sales arrangement with a digital marketing and healthcare group in the USA
  3. Finalise a minimum of two new distribution territories in Asia – aimed at providing an additional $1 million p.a. revenue
  4. Build the company’s brand-name in the USA and Australia
  5. Finalise plans to build production capacity in the USA

Then from 2022 onwards it will be a matter of increasing revenue and NPAT and coupling more scientific evidence for MKH’s products that will further increase shareholder value and revenue. This is expected to begin setting MediKane up for a Trade Sale being the most optimum exit for all shareholders.


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