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GYO Solutions Pty Ltd ACN 600 879 856 trading as Urbotanica™ (referred hereinafter as ‘the Company’ or ‘Urbotanica’ or “GRO”), was incorporated on 24 July 2014. The Company launched its first product - the UrbiPod™ - in mid-2017 being an innovative smart garden kitchen appliance and has sold more than 2,200 units in the Australian market with highly engaged customers regularly re-ordering quality consumables (herbs / seeds/ coir/nutrients) that configures GRO’s revenue stream as one being largely annuity based with new and exciting things to buy every month [refer web site]

Urbotanica is targeting the disruption of the $210bn global Urban Ag market with consumer enabling technology (AgTech). The company is building a community of conscientious consumers to grow fresh produce in their urban environment. The launch of their first product - the UrbiPod - a clever indoor grower - has achieved excellent year on year sales growth given capital constraints. Design Registration and Trademarks are secured in key markets and the UrbiPod is manufactured under the Australian Made licence. Sales are through a proven and scalable omni-channel model providing the Company with sales to date of ~ $500K with a 50% gross margin and recurring revenue streams.

The UrbiPod has proven popular with customers due to its simplicity and success at growing fresh produce. You can start growing all your favourite herbs, salads, microgreens, vegetables, and fruits in under 10 minutes. Simply plug it in, fill up the water tower, hydrate the coir and you are ready to plant your seeds. After that you’re ready to grow! The UrbiPod looks after your plants for you by giving them all the water, nutrient and light they need. The Company has great support from a growing community of like-minded people who can see the numerous applications for our current product and those in the design pipeline.

Urbotanica is planning the release of a new smarter UrbiPod that is controlled by your smart phone (IoT) and with a supporting App for an enhanced customer experience, more growing and harvesting information at their fingertips and supports the new subscription model roll out. The Company has a product pipeline, inclusive of further technology enhancements to the UrbiPod range and additional products responding to the customer’s needs.

With the global population set to rise to roughly 10 billion people in the next 30 years with more than 50% living in urban cities, we currently have no sustainable way of feeding a population of that size. Without drastic technological improvements and change of consumer behaviour, it is estimated there will be a 30% shortfall in food production by 2050. There is no one solution to addressing this issue, however with the increase in investment in AgTech - the science to grow more with less – will see both industrial and consumer led solutions helping close the gap.

Urban AgTech is about providing consumer access to this technology, which will allow them to grow more in their own at home as well as community solutions. Investors around the world are noticing the issues we face and therefore the potential opportunity. Last year for example was a record-breaking year for Agri-food Tech investments with $16.9 billion of funding.

COVID has seen more people staying at home and this has further increased the market for indoor gardens.

Amazon US have invited UrbotanicaTM to become a Strategic Account for CY2021 where Amazon provide account management and access to all of Amazon’s services to drive market entry. As a peer group comparison, Aerogrow, a leading US product space competitor, has seen sales increase 60% YOY to +400K units and a Market Cap from US$40M to US$120M in last 4 months. Our superior product characteristics due for release late 2020 will be most advanced product on the market with sensors to collect data and improve the growing experience.

The Company’s plans for 2020/21 include:

a) attract funding – most likely via a Convertible Note issue late 2020 to enter the large US market

b) Secure cornerstone funding from a select group of value adding investors late 2020 / early 20121 who can also assist with global product line distribution and logistics – the funding will enable the Company to increase inventory levels for international markets, increase marketing spend to raise awareness and penetrate the Urban AgTech market in targeted countries along with developing and sourcing innovative quality products to meet growing customer demand

c) Enhance the current product with development of the new App for information access and ease of ordering. Currently the Urbotanica App allows customers to add information about what they are growing in their UrbiPod, and updates to the App will soon allow users to track their growing progress and provide relevant information

d) Launch of a subscription order model to drive customer value through engagement and retention. The subscription model will allow customers to receive on demand, their favourite seeds and growing accessories in a customised way

e) Launch a new community exchange model - Urbi-X, to connect UrbiPod users together, to allow them to communicate, share and learn from each other regarding their growing experiences

f) Develop new products – we have advanced ideas with a number of concepts – indoor, outdoor, wall, building.

g) Expand into Asia via strategic investor networks for existing and new product range. The Asian markets are considered ideal in terms of market development in the Urban AgTech space

h) then late 2020 / early 2021 further broaden our shareholder base and capitalise the Company to cater for a global distribution roll out working with in-country partners

Then from 2021 onwards it will be a matter of increasing revenue and NPAT and coupling more technology to our products so they become an integral product to have in most apartments and townhouses in the world.

Urbotanica™ Vision- Taking Australian ‘Growing Smarts’ to the World

Urbotanica™ sees within 10 years every middle-class household in the World having some type of intelligent fresh food growing appliance in their home = 3Bn marketplace

The reasons – urban dwelling ↑; fresh is best/more nutritious; enjoyment/benefits of home cooking; reduce waste; education of our kids; sharing knowledge and being part of a community.

Urbotanica™, Australia’s leading indoor AgTech company, cleverly combines the natural simplicity of physics and growing plants with the latest in technology which results in what we consider the best & smartest indoor appliance = UrbiPod Smart Garden.

The UrbiPod Smart Garden has wavelength specific LED grow lights, automated watering and nutrient delivery system, unique scalable growing Pods and internet enabled micro sensor technology (IoT) which provides data allowing improved growing solutions for each customer in diverse conditions.

Once we capture the indoor growing market, we grow the product range using data and customer demands. By sharing & working in collaboration with other experts, the marketplace includes indoor, outdoor, wall, building spaces – all delivering fresh produce, shared knowledge and less waste.


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