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MKHUpdate for Shareholders and PCP Followers 29 March 2021

Please find attached an update on progress being made by the Company

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CFISEC Raises Crowdfunding Cap to USD$5M20 March 2021

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) announced that it would increase the cap on regulation crowdfunding to $5M, up from just $1.07M. This is a game changer for start-ups who do not feel comfortable relying on venture capitalists to get their businesses off the ground.

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MKHShareholder and Market Update 25 February 2021

Attached release outlines some exciting news and developments for MediKane Holdings Ltd

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ASWHalf Year Report 19 February 2021

As disclosed in the attached financial statements, the Group recorded a very pleasing after-tax profit of $1,708,961 (2019 $924,310) for the half-year to 31 December 2020. This profit was recorded on revenue of $3,776,928 (2019 $3,344,543) and after charges of $43,508 (2019 $44,283) for amortisation and depreciation.

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PPSPPS opens final seed round 19 February 2021

PPS opens its expected final seed funding round today by offering up to 8M ordinary fully paid shares at $0.125 cents each to raise up to $1.0m. PPS has a solid balance sheet with current cash in the bank of approx. $1.6M and this, together with the $1M of seed funding will position the Company well in the lead up to its planned IPO late this year. Refer attached release.

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PPSPPS Pitch Deck supporting final seed round 19 February 2021

Further to the release today in relation to the final seed round by PPS as it tracks towards an IPO late this year, the attached Pitch Deck supports the seed round offer that opened today. The Directors reserve the right to close this current round at anytime.

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