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GROPCP group welcomes Urbotanica™ to its platform24 December 2019

PCP Group, comprising Private Company Platform Pty Ltd (PCP), Advanced Share Registry Limited (ASX:ASW) and Sharetech Pty Ltd are very pleased to welcome GYO Solutions Pty Ltd trading as Urbotanica™ to its platform. Please refer to the attached release

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ASWprofit advice 19 December 2019

ASW half year pre-tax net operating profit higher than corresponding period last year

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ASWchange of fax number 04 December 2019

new fax number notification to ASX

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ASW3Y A Tan 14 November 2019

for share issue approved at AGM

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ASW3Y A Winduss14 November 2019

for shares issued and approved at AGM

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ASW3Y Kim Chong14 November 2019

shares issued approved at AGM

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ASW3Y S Cato 14 November 2019

for issue of shares approved at AGM

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