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ASWPreliminary Final Report31 August 2021

ASW lodges with ASX today its Preliminary Final Report

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ASWFinal Dividend Advice 09 August 2021

ASW will pay a dividend of 2c (fully franked at 25%) per ordinary share. Also, given the Company’s strong performance for FY21 it will also pay a special dividend of 1c (fully franked at 25%) per ordinary share in addition to the ordinary dividend noted above. Accordingly, the total of the ordinary and special dividends to be paid is 3c (fully franked at 25%) per share.

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CFICSF update Paper from Birchal29 July 2021

recent paper from a CSF Intermediary

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ASWApp 3Z Final Dirs Interest Notice16 July 2021

Final Directors Interest Notice as lodged with ASX today

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ASWBoard and Coy Sec notification 15 July 2021

ASX Notice by ASW regarding Board and Coy Sec

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ASWProfit Guidance and Dividend Advice 22 June 2021

ASW advises the operating profit before tax for the year ending 30 June 2021 is estimated to be approximately $3,400,000 (2020 actual: $2,143,369)

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