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Platform Company Releases

MKHInitial release by MediKane 12 January 2021

First release by MediKane Holdings Ltd (MKH) on PCP's platform

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MKHPCP welcomes MediKane Holdings Ltd 12 January 2021

PCP welcomes MediKane Holdings Ltd to its platform

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ZHLPCP welcomes Zellebrate to the platform18 December 2020

PCP Group is pleased to welcome Zellebrate Holdings Pty Ltd (“ZHL”) to its platform. PCP CEO, Jeffrey Broun, noted that “we are looking forward to helping ZHL extend their profile and assist them as they progress to commercialising their technology aimed at automatically mapping retailers websites so that all the stores’ products (including descriptions, images, prices, etc.) and physical outlet locations can be displayed in the convenience of an app / desktop website. Please refer attached release

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ZHLZellebrate Holdings Pty Ltd now on PCP's platform 18 December 2020

Zellebrate Holdings Pty Ltd (PCP:ZHL) has been uploaded to Private Company Platform Pty Ltd’s (PCP) platform and ZHL's first release is attached

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ASWPreliminary Profit Advice Half Year to 31 December 202017 December 2020

Advanced Share Registry Limited (PCP: ASW, The Company) advises that the pre-tax operating profit for the half year ending 31 December 2020 is estimated to be approximately $2,170,000 (2019: $1,338,646).

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PPSInitial release by PPS 09 December 2020

Polyline Pipe Systems Ltd (“PPS”) now live on PCP's platform - PPS's first release attached

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PPSPCP welcomes PPS 09 December 2020

PCP welcomes PPS to its platform and looks forward to assisting PPS over the long term

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