Your platform to corporate success

Private Company Platform Pty Ltd ABN 57 009 400 417 (“PCP”) is a controlled entity of ASX listed Advanced Share Registry Limited (ASX:ASW) refer www.advancedshare.com.au

PCP provides a platform of knowledge with in-house, experienced corporate professionals to help your company climb to its next stage of corporate growth.

PCP mainly works with unlisted companies that may be considering enlarging their shareholder base on the way to an IPO in the next year or two. PCP helps companies to get better prepared for handling and engaging with a larger audience of shareholders. In addition, PCP can assist in the documentation required and governance/compliance aspects as the company transitions to a continuous disclosure reporting entity.

PCP works closely with its parent company – Advanced Share Registry – to help transition the company’s share register. Advanced Share Registry serves over 200 listed companies, a growing number of unlisted companies and deals with over one million client company shareholders.

Many unlisted companies have not been through a “corporate event” before and often find consultants and professional fees can rapidly mount up. A corporate event includes a capital raising, ASX listing, succession planning, M&A, crowd sourced funding, or a company seeking a more effective way of managing its expanding share register. A corporate event is one that is likely to see the company’s share register enlarge through such market engagement event. Such events need to be carefully planned and PCP has the experience to chaperone companies through such process with optimal outcomes achieved often for a lot less cost.

Today, companies can access equity capital without having to rush to an ASX listing. Secondary markets are more established in Australia to provide a degree of liquidity and having a share registry on board means companies can appeal to a broader range of investors pre-IPO thereby growing their Enterprise Value and track record before venturing to an IPO. Our platform of guidance, expertise, networks and experience can ensure companies navigate the corporate growth highway in a planned and cost-effective manner.

Phone the directors – Jeffrey Broun FCA on 0419 934 623 or Simon Cato on 0417 921 677 for a no obligation chat.